Beth & Adam

Madison Vincent sent me an email offering to help do the social media work for Irvington Spring Farm. I can take pictures I thought,  and kind of dismissed her offer. After discussing this further with the experts I was told “let her help you!” So, she is. And boy am I glad.

 Madi is a gregarious, warm - heartedyoung woman who has put her hand to the plow to get to know just what it’s like to be a “farmer florist”. We are so glad this senior Strategic Communications major at Liberty University sought us out.

Here’s her first post about a wedding she helped us set up at Pippin Hill, in North Garden Va. Welcome aboard Madi. 

“I hope the bride is as excited as we are,” was the last email I read the night before hoping into the big black flower truck and finding our way to Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards for Adam and Beth’s big day! We really were that excited! After the truck was loaded, we all took a minute to breathe and we were off!

The best part of working with Irvington is that every ingredient placed in Beth’s arrangements was picked fresh from the farm with her wedding in mind. Our vibrant red/pink dahlias matched the color of Beth’s bridesmaid dresses perfectly, and the hues of the arrangements complimented the shabby chic vibes that define Pippin Hill. 

We were thrilled with how the arrangements turned out, and how wonderfully everything tied into Beth’s day! 

Thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding, Beth! 

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