5 Tips To Keep Your Flowers Crisp and Happy Longer

Something I love about working at Irvington is being surrounded by beauty all the time. There isn’t a lot in life that can bring instant happiness like freshly cut flowers. Who wouldn’t want their home filled with vases and vases of flowers? The trick is how to keep such a fragile living thing like a flower healthy for the longest period of time possible. While we do have to accept that flowers are living things that can’t live forever, we can do some things to make the flowers live a little longer.  Here are some tips on how to keep your flowers crisp, happy, and fresh for as long as possible.

1.     Change your water! It’s simple, really. Flowers want fresh, clean, bacteria ,free water. I know a lot of people suggest filling your water with bleach, vinegar, and all kinds of things to keep the bacteria away and your water clean and I’m not discounting that those work, but the simplest thing for your flowers is to just regularly change the water. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t want to drink it, your flowers probably don’t either.

2.     Recut your stems as often as you change your water. A flower stem is filled with cells just ready to suck the water right up to the blossom. When you cut the stem it makes an air bubble that will obstruct hydration to the top, recutting your stems at an angle with sharp pair of snips gets rid of the air bubble and lets the cells suck the water right up!

3.     Remove your stem greenery.  Leaves being left on the stem only aid into getting the water mucky quicker, and hijack the water before it can get to the blossom. Before putting all your flowers in a vase, clean the stem  of all the leaves that will be below the water line in your vase when it is filled. It will take less than a minute, and will make the biggest difference in the health of your flowers.

4.     Keep them out of direct sunlight. I know, I know, it’s so tempting. The flowers look so perfect with a cascade of light beaming on them through the windowsill. It’s an Instagram worthy moment, really. But don’t do it! Heat and direct sunlight will wilt your blossoms quicker. Stage your Instagram, and keep your flowers out of the heat.

5.     Move them to a cool location before bed. A cut flowers ideal temperature is around 40-50 degrees. Moving them to a cooler area before you go to sleep with help them stay crisper and fresher longer. 

Any other tips you use to keep your flowers happier longer? Share in the comments below!