End of the Season

Hard to believe,  but the 2014 “garden season” has come to a close.  The flowers have faded but there is still lots going on, so stay in touch!

The high tunnel is almost finished! Already, Poppies, and Sweet Peas are growing.  4,000 tulips are planted, as well as 2000 Anemones and 250 Oriental Lilies.  Still to be planted are Ranunculus, Sweet William and Sweet Rocket. High tunnel growing is new to  us so check back often. We’ll be sharing progress and pictures.

We're in the midst of digging Tuberoses and Dahlias and packing them away for the winter.

Still to come:  transplanting Gooseneck, Monarda, Mountain Mint and Crocosmia.

And then, there's that never-ending task of cleaning up...

This winter we'll be partnering with Mountain View Farm Greenhouses in Rockbridge Baths to start and grow many of the annual and perennial plants we'll plant next year.  With 40 years of experience, they certainly know what they're doing, and we'll be learning as we go.

And we have 32 chickens in the process of "coming online" to provide us with a few dozen eggs to sell each week.

Planning a wedding or other event?  Have questions? It's not too early to start talking flowers! Please get in touch with us.